My Experience With Citizen Journalism

For my citizen journalism assignment, I turned to a source that I am already familiar with. During my senior year of high school I worked on a large research project about the intersection of the LGBT community and the world of sports. Throughout the year I consulted, a citizen journalism site. I specifically referred to the “Sport” or “Gay” news sections ( or

What I appreciated most about the website was the lack of bias. By this I do not mean that the articles themselves were free of bias. I mean that since the various articles came from a variety of different sources and writers, there is not a consistent slant.

In doing my research I of course looked at other news sources. I referred to an article from USA Today about Michael Sam leaving the NFL ( The main difference between these two sources is the style of writing. In citizen journalism, the writer is free to use his or her own diction and syntax. With an organized source like USA Today, the writer is adhering to the rules set forth by the editor of the paper. When reading from a newspaper with staff writers, the personalized touch on the story is harder to find.

I personally enjoy reading from both of these types of sources. I regularly read The New York Times on my phone and I like to google additional information on the stories that fascinate me. I try to use citizen journalism sources to fact check the corporate media which tends to have bias.


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