Podcasts are a relatively new concept. Since its birth in 2009, the podcast medium has become important in our society. The format allows people to listen to educational or entertaining discussions about a topic of their choice. What most people often forget is that podcasts simply serve as the modern day radio. The ability to listen without watching benefits members of our modern society that is far too busy to give full attention to something for a full 30 minute episode. By only appealing to the auditory sense, podcasts have become perfect for those who commute, enjoy a long workout, or simply want to close their eyes and still engage in interesting material.

I myself listen to a few podcasts regularly. Lore, a podcast about “true life scary stories,” has worked into my weekly routine. I used to watch a show on the CW called Supernatural. Lore told the stories that Supernatural recreated, so the podcast just ¬†added to something I was already passionate about. Now that I am busy with my schoolwork, I don’t carve out an hour a week to watch a Supernatural episode, but I will spend 30 minutes running and listening to Lore.

I also listen to Marvel NOW! which focuses on updates in the Marvel Comics. As a certified Marvel nerd, making time for these 12 minute episodes is a necessity, and I will often listen to them as I get ready in the mornings or clean my room on the weekends.

Occasionally I will indulge in a little pop culture celeb gossip. When I do this I usually look out for one of my favorite actors as a guest on a podcast. These are almost certainly a waste of time, but since I listen to these while I do something productive I give myself a free pass.