Phone Call Usage

Looking through the log on my cell phone, I discovered that 28 calls went through my cell phone in the past week. Of those 28 calls, I initiated 11 of them. Most of the calls were to/from family members. These statistics seem pretty standard for my level of phone usage. I prefer to text, but for communication between my parents and I, calls are more efficient. Also, hearing the physical voice is comforting in a way that a text isn’t.


Social media is flourishing in all aspects of our lives. While the various platforms may have been created for connecting and sharing with friends, they have evolved to be essential in the worlds of education and business. As the use of social media evolves, so must the function. These changes will be useful in making social media productive in our society.

Social media is transitioning to in-app customer service


First blog post

Good news! The extensive work toward conservation of giant pandas is paying off. The animal has been removed from the endangered species list! 

Unfortunately, our environment is not in a safe place across the board. Any good news is accompanied by twice the amount of bad news. This “one step forward, two steps back” cycle can lead to hopelessness which, in turn, slows down efforts of conservation and protection. It is important to see news like this and take it as a motivator. We are making progress!